Evaluation of the Prevalence of Dysplasia of the Hip in Belgian Malinois Dogs Used in Security Units in Turkey

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  • Birkan Karslı kırıkkale üniversitesi
  • Ali Kumandas
  • Merve Bakıcı


Belgian malinois, BVA/KC hip score, dysplasia of the hip


This study aims to evaluate the prevalence of Dysplasia in Belgian Malinois dogs employed in security units using the British Veterinary Association (BVA)/Kennel Club (KC) scoring system. According to the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) pedigree, the study was conducted on 52 dogs registered to Kennel Club with A score hip joint structure. Standard ventrodorsal pelvis radiographs were taken by adduction with the hind limbs in full extension and femurs parallel to the spine of the dogs lying in the supine position using a stabilizer back support. Bilateral pelvic radiographs were transferred to the computer, and Norberg Angle (NA) measurements of the right and left coxofemoral joints were made on the digimizer program. Afterward, scoring was made according to the BVA/KC scoring criteria and evaluated in terms of Dysplasia according to the total score. In this study, 52 Belgian Malinois dogs were used, of which 21.1% were male, and 41% were female dogs. The average age of the dogs was measured as 1.41±0.35 years, and the average body weight was measured as 24.00±2.94 kg. Consequently, it was observed that hip joint compliance in animals was not included in the group at risk for Dysplasia, and the mean value of NA measurements was measured as 106.53 degrees for the right coxofemoral joint, as 105.74 degrees for the left coxofemoral joint, and the mean value of the total hip score was measured as 3.42.




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Karslı, B., Kumandas, A., & Bakıcı, M. (2021). Evaluation of the Prevalence of Dysplasia of the Hip in Belgian Malinois Dogs Used in Security Units in Turkey. International Journal of Veterinary and Animal Research (IJVAR), 4(2), 58–62. Retrieved from https://ijvar.org/index.php/ijvar/article/view/492



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