Osteoblastic Osteosarcoma In A Cat

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Cat, Osteoblastic osteosarcoma, Rib tumor


Osteosarcoma (OS) is the most common malignant bone tumor in humans and animals and constitutes 70-80% of primary malignant cancers in cats. This case report consists of 11-year-old male tabby cat with dyspnea brought to Kırıkkale University Veterinary Faculty Research and Application Hospital. In the examination, a mass was palpable in the thorax region and it was determined that an infiltration was detected into the thorax on radiographic images. While the whole blood count was normal in all blood parameters, there was a high increase in serum ALP value. The mass removed by excisional biopsy, histopathological examination was performed and osteosarcoma was diagnosed. Adjuvant therapy was not recommended in cat osteosarcomas because of the low metastasis rate and the mean survival of 24-44 months even with amputation / wide local resection. A new mass was detected in the cranial of the thorax at the 9th postoperative month. However re-operation was not required due to the general condition of the animal was good, was an elderly age and no severe dyspnea and similar respiratory problems. In the event that the patient worsens in the future, it was decided to perform euthanasia according to the animal owner's wishes.




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