Total Knee Replacement Applications in Veterinary Surgery: A Review

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  • Ziya Yurtal
  • Kadri Kulualp
  • İbrahim Alakus
  • Halil Alakus
  • Ömer Kırgız
  • Muhammed Enes Altug


Dog, total knee replacement, veterinary surgery, review


Artificial joint prostheses are preferred as a good treatment alternative for joints that are difficult or impossible to treat. With the advancement of technological possibilities, the joints that need to be locked or amputated are saved by total joint prostheses. Although there is relatively more information about total hip joint replacements, there is not enough information and experience about total knee replacements. Active use of total knee replacement in veterinary surgery will improve the standard of living of many animals. The aim of this review is to provide information about total knee replacement, which is not yet widely used, and to consider it among treatment alternatives.


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