Prolonged Proestrus Bleeding and Medical Treatment in an English Pointer Dog

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  • Abdulkadir Kaya Kırıkkale University
  • Omer Varışlı Kırıkkale University


Artificial insemination, GnRH treatment, vaginal cytology


Prolonged proestrus bleeding is a rare pathology observed in bitch. This case is on a British Pointer breed bitch, which came to our clinic for artificial insemination. Artificial insemination was applied to the dog because of vaginal cytology findings, anamnesis, and vaginal discharge. It was thought that estrus is accompanied by proestrus bleeding. Proestrus bleeding was persisting after four days post artificial insemination, therefore GnRH treatment has been applied. After the treatment, bleeding and estrus were simultaneously over. A total of 10 puppies was born.


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