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1. Social Network Analysis of Giardiasis Positive Calves to those of Healthy Ones  (Research Articles)

Deniz Alıç Ural, Kerem Ural, Songül Erdoğan, Adnan Ayan, Hasan Erdoğan


2.Seasonal changes in plasma testosterone and biochemical parameters of male donkey (Equus asinus) in northern Algeria (Research Articles)

Sofiane Aissanou, Omar Besseboua, Mokhtar Benhanifia, Abdelhanine Ayad


3. Evaluation of Rumination Behavior in Cows Before and After Surgical Correction of Left Displaced Abomasum (Research Articles)

Busra Kibar Kurt, Murat Sarierler


4. Effects of intracameral injection of phenylephrine - cyclopentolate and tropicamide-lidocaine hydrochloride combinations on ophthalmologic and cardiovascular parameters in healthy cats (Research Articles)

Osman Bulut


5. Endoscopic Examination of the Obstructive Upper Respiratory Diseases (Research Articles)

Emine Çatalkaya


6. Investigation of Physical Properties and Mineral Contents of Drinking Water in Some Villages of Van and Mardin Provinces (Research Articles)

Merve Gizem Baraj, Nihat Mert, Handan Mert, Nizamettin Günbatar


7. Investigation of the Bioactivity of Hesperidin in an In Vivo Model of Staphylococcus Aureus -Induced Osteomyelitis (Research Articles)

Halil İsmail Önal, Ziya Yurtal, Muhammed Enes Altuğ, Altuğ Kücükgül, İlke Evrim Secinti, Özkan Aslantas                            



8. Evaluation of Normal Tear Volume and Intraocular Pressure in Saanen Goats at Different Periods (Research Articles)

Aylin Orhan, Zeynep Bozkan   


9. Zonulin as a noninvasive selected biomarker of gut barrier function identify and debug calves suffering from diarrhea (Research Articles)

Deniz Alıç Ural                              


10. The light and scanning electron microscopic structure of pecten oculi in the goose (Anser anser) (Research Articles)

Deniz Korkmaz, Ismail Sah Harem


                                          Review Article


1. Propolis: The Role of Propolis in Cancer (Review Article)

Süreyya Karaaslan, Miyase Çınar


2. Artemisia Annua: An antibiotic alternative in the poultry industry (Review Article)

Hafiz Muhammad Nouman, Roshan Riaz, Ibrar Ahmed, Gökhan Şen 


3. Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome in Dogs (Review Article)

Gaye Değirmenci, Rahime Yaygıngül