Investigation of the effect of Thermolife Ixir product on weight loss and some biochemical parameters in rats

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  • Serkal Gazyagcı
  • Husamettin Ekici
  • Erdal Kara
  • Hacer Fulya Gulerman
  • Zafer Kurumlu
  • Yasin Senel


Rat, liver, steatoz, thermolife-ixir, obesity


The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of 2017-0730 Patent Number Thermolife Ixir product on weight loss and some biochemistry values in obese rat with fatty liver. Thirty male Wistar albino rats fed a high-fat diet were the material of the study. An obesity model was created in rats fed a special high fat diet. Ad libitum feeding was applied to rats with a special diet and water. These rats were randomly divided into 3 groups consisting of 10 rats in each group. Group B was given 1 gram of the product daily, and 1.5 grams of the product was given to group C while group A was served as control. All rats were fed a high-fat diet. Before the study, the body weight was measured and blood was drawn for serum parameters. The test mixture was administered orally for a month, the same parameters were measued periodically and differences were determined. After the study, it was observed that the body weight of the rats in group B and C decreased significantly compared to group A. It was determined that there was a decrease in cholesterol and triglyceride values, an increase in HDL values and, the changes in other parameters were not statistically significant. At the end of the study (the 30th day), it was observed that the adipose tissues in the body appearred normal and lower in the rats in group B and C which were fed without a diet change. The rats in group A had appearent fatty tissues in abdomen and aroud the different areas of the body. In histopathological examination, the liver in group A rats was associated with hepatic steatosis, which covered approxiamtely 10% of the liver, due to excessive fatty nutrition. In a dependent manner, the rats in groups B and C had lower triglyceride and glucose levels and higher HDL levels. In conclusion, the Thermolife Ixir productcauses weight loss and fat burning in rats in a dose dependent manner that is also associated with increase in HDL as well decrease in triglyceride and glucose levels.




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Gazyagcı, S., Ekici, H., Kara, E., Gulerman, H. F., Kurumlu, Z., & Senel, Y. (2020). Investigation of the effect of Thermolife Ixir product on weight loss and some biochemical parameters in rats. International Journal of Veterinary and Animal Research (IJVAR), 3(3), 79–84. Retrieved from



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