The Effect of Omentin on the Contractility of Rat Uterus

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  • Cağatay Yıldırım International Center For Livestock Research and Training, 06852, Ankara, Turkey
  • Hasan Ceyhun Macun Kırıkkale University Veterinary Faculty Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology


Adipokines, , in vitro, , omentin, , uterus, , smooth muscle, , rat,


Adipokines are a group of proteins that are synthesized from adipose tissue. Omentin is a type of adipokine which is detected in human serum and it is evaluated as a secreted factor from adipose tissue, placenta and ovarium. The knowledge about the effect of omentin on reproduction is limited. In the presented study, investigation of omentin effect on in vitro uterine contractions was evaluated. The uteruses of the rats which were collected from 20 virgin female rats, were isolated and suspended in the isolated organ bath. The experimental protocols were carried out in 3 groups. The effect of omentin on spontaneous uterine contractions in protocol 1, induced by oxytocin (2.5 mIU/mL) in protocol 2, and induced uterine contractions with PGF2α (10-6 M) in protocol 3 was tested. The effect of omentin on isolated uterine tissues was tested with the administration of 10, 100 and 300 ng/mL omentin. 300 µL of distilled water was applied to the control of each group. In this study, 10, 100 and 300 ng/mL of omentin applied for 10 minutes did not have an effect on uterine contractility in all study groups (p>0.05). As a result, further studies with higher doses and longer incubation times are recommended.


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