The Importance of miRNAs in The Immune System

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  • Seda Ekici
  • Zeynep Semen
  • Büsra Malas


Cancer, immunity, miRNA


miRNAs act as post-transcriptional regulators of protein synthesis. It is known that miRNAs, which are members of the non-coding RNAs class, are effective in the regulation of post-transcriptional gene expression and the hereditary and adaptive immune response. miRNAs bind to target mRNAs to regulate gene expression by mRNA degradation or translational inhibition. miRNAs have functions in the formation or development of many diseases such as cancer, viral and autoimmune diseases in which epigenetic mechanisms play a role. With the development of miRNA-based therapeutic and diagnostic approaches in recent years, miRNA research has gained importance. In this review, general information about miRNA is emphasized, its role in some diseases and the relationship between immunity and miRNA are examined.




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