The Effects of Some Feed Additives in Nutrition of Ruminant Animals

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  • Muslimo Abdullahi Sheik Hassan
  • Mehmet Akif Karslı Kırıkkale University


Review, feed additive, pre/probiotic, ruminant


In this review, the use of some feed additives in the diets of ruminant animals is discussed. Brief information about the anatomy of the digestive system of ruminants and the metabolism of some nutrients in these animals are presented. In addition, summary information about some feed additives used in animal nutrition is given. Particularly detailed information about pre/probiotics among feed additives is presented, and the effects of S. cerevisiae, known as yeast, are discussed. In ruminant animals, unlike the monogastrics, feed additives, especially pre-and probiotics, are utilized to affect fermentation in the rumen. In addition, it is seen that it is used to increase immunity in pre-ruminants. However, it is obvious that more studies are needed on these issues.


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