A Case of Meningocele in an Akkaraman Lamb

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  • Murat Tanrisever
  • Emine Unsaldi


Meningocele, Lamb, Surgery


A meningocele case has been observed on a one-day-old male Akkaraman lamb, brought to the Surgery Clinic, Animal Hospital and University of Fırat. When we examined the animal, there was a fluctuating mass about 15 cm diameter size in the occipital area. We decided to surgical operating to this case of meningocele which is rare and usually does not respond favorably to treatment. Under a general anesthesia firstly liquid was drained out from the mass by using cannula. Then the excess skin piece was removed with the incision in a controlled manner. Approximately 2 mm diameter hole was closed which opened into the medullary canal by using sutures. At the same time, processus spinosus of first cervical vertebrae was seen that the 2 cm longer than normal. After cutting the excess bone part, the head skin was sutured with using 2-0 suture. The patient received parenteral antibiotics for 5 days. After 2 months the operation, it was observed that he continued his life in a very healthy. This case was thought to report because it is a rarely seen type of anomaly in lamb and respond favorably to the operation in this case.




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