Endoscopic Examination of the Obstructive Upper Respiratory Diseases

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  • Emine Çatalkaya Equine surgery, Orthopedy, Anesthesia, Ophtholomoly, Surgery


DDSP, horse, palatal instability, subepiglottic cyst, upper airway


Obstructive upper respiratory tract diseases are an important cause of poor performance in racehorses. Diagnosis of these diseases can be made easily by endoscopic examination. The aim of this study is to emphasize the frequently encountered obstructive respiratory tract diseases in the endoscopic examination of the upper respiratory tract in thoroughbred Arabian and British racehorses and the importance of endoscopic examination in the diagnosis of these diseases. The study material consisted of 72 horses (37 Arabian, 35 British horses) between the ages of 2-7 who had no respiratory complaints at rest, but had low racing and training performance. No pathology was detected in 32 (44.44%) of 72 horses who underwent clinical and endoscopic examination. it was detected that 19 (47.5%) palatal instability, 10 (25%) dorsal displacement of the soft palate (DDSP), 8 (20%) pharyngeal lymphoid hyperplasia, 2 (5%) laryngeal hemiplegia, 1 (2.5%) subepiglottic cyst of the remaining horses. As a result, it should be considered that there may be obstructive respiratory tract problems in horses that have a very good general health status at rest and show low racing and training performance. In addition, clinical examination in these horses should be supported by an upper respiratory tract endoscopic examination.


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