Problems faced by Turkish female professionals working in the field of veterinary medicine

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  • Aysun Koç Adnan Menderes University, Veterinary Faculty, Department of Veterinary History and Deontology, Işıklı-Aydın, Turkey;
  • Pınar Ayvazoglu Demir Kafkas Üniversitesi Veteriner fakültesi


Gender-based discrimination, problems, veterinary medicine, veterinarians, women


This study was aimed to gain reliable data regarding the gender-based discrimination towards woman academicians working in the veterinary faculties in Turkey. The data is based on 220 (31.3 %) women academicians out of 544 women while the total educators working in 24 veterinary faculties in Turkey during 2017 were 1,739. The scope of the study was from career beginners to the women who are on the administration positions. Results showed that the memberships in the professional organization are increased up to 51.4 % where this ratio is directly proportional to the level of an academic position. 79.10 % think that there is no discrimination towards them due to their gender, while 57 % of them did not face a problem as a woman in their respective workplaces. The rate of women in the administration is 20.9 %. As a result, it can be concluded that academic profession offers relatively more equal employment opportunities to women, compared to other professions, however, the ratio of women is very less in the decision-making mechanisms in academia.




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