The Evaluation of Economic Performances of Female Veterinarians in Turkey (I)

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  • Pınar Demir Kafkas Üniversitesi Veteriner fakültesi
  • Aysun Koç


Woman, veterinary, clinic management, income status, cost


The purpose of this study is to identify the general profiles of female veterinarians in economic life and to determine the status of their professional performances. A survey study was conducted with 110 women out of 511 women who are engaged in veterinary clinic management businesses in Turkey. In the survey, it was determined that female veterinarians who performed clinic management businesses worked at an average of 9.91 hours on weekdays, and that 79% of them predominantly had pets in their clinics, and regarding that, pet clinic management was being carried out. In the interviews, it was determined that, the highest incomes in clinics were received from vaccination-drug revenues, examination-treatment, and operations; depending on the city that the clinic is located and whether there are pets or not. In the study conducted, it was determined that the average monthly incomes of the clinic enterprises belonging to female veterinarians were $ 1.917 and the average monthly profits were $ 868. As a result, it is thought that, female veterinarians’ participation in supplementary vocational training activities, and improving their managerial skills by focusing on customer satisfaction and advertising activities, will help to solve problems in the professional life.




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