Rehabilitation of Streams, Rivers and Fish

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  • Mehmet KOCABAŞ
  • Filiz KUTLUYER
  • Elif DURSUN
  • Emine Ahsen GÖK


Rehabilitation, streams, rivers, fish


In this study, it was aimed to explain the rehabilitation of streams, rivers and fish and the data obtained from the world and our country, as well
as on-site observations and photographs taken as a result of comparative analysis and conclusions and recommendations have been made. DSİ,
Ministry of Forestry and Water Works, General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks, Ministry of Environment and Forestry
are in charge of stream improvement works in our country. It has seen that the river improvement work started with good intentions but the
wrong projects made negatively affect the natural habitats, aquatic plant and animal communities, especially fish. They have lost their original
form and functions to make for humanity fever. It was determined that the projects were planned in such a way that the negative effects of the
delirium were reduced and the nature and wildlife were ignored so as to prevent the loss of soil. Consequently, changes could lead to loss that
would not be recycled if it does not take due precautions.




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KOCABAŞ, M., KUTLUYER, F., DURSUN, E., & Ahsen GÖK, E. (2018). Rehabilitation of Streams, Rivers and Fish. International Journal of Veterinary and Animal Research (IJVAR), 1(3), 27–33. Retrieved from



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