Deep Dive of Vitamin D among Respiratory Diseased and Healthy Calves

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  • Deniz Alıç Ural


Calves, disease, health, vitamin D


The requirement for vitamin D intake of dairy cattle has been better understood within the past few years and is well accepted by dairy producers and veterinary surgeons. In our country, as to the present author knowledge. In our country, as to the present author knowledge whether current recommendations and practices for supplemental vitamin D are meeting the needs of dairy cattle, however, is not well known. Circulatory vitamin D status of calves has been truly denoted via 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] metabolite levels in serum/plasma, with a concentration of 30 ng/mL proposed as a lower threshold for sufficiency. The present author was unaware of finding documented reports regarding vitamin d and its alterations among calves with respiratory distress. In the present study 16 calves (Group 1) were presenting clinical signs of respiratory problems and other 12 (Group 2) were selected as healthy control group. All necessary blood samples were taken were analyzed by Savant Fluorescent Immunoassay Device by use of Savant 25(OH)D test kits. Vitamin D (ng/mL) (X ̅ ± SE) among healthy calves and calves with pneumonia were detected as 63.21 ± 5.63 vs. 23.80 ± 2.75 with a statistical significance (p ≤0,001). In summary it should not be unwise to draw conclusion that pulmonary defence against respiratory infections should involve Vitamin D supplementation at appropriate dosages among calves.


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