Evaluation of Normal Tear Volume and Intraocular Pressure in Saanen Goats at Different Periods

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  • Aylin Orhan
  • Zeynep Bozkan


Circadian, intraocular pressure, tear volume, saanen goat, season


This study was aimed to determine whether the reference values affected by different times of the day and season in Saanen Goats. One hundred twenty-two goats were included to this study and, tear secretion (TS) and intraocular pressure (IOP) were measured in three different time periods as morning, noon and evening on the same day in each seasonal group. Temperature and humidity values were recorded during all measurements. There was no difference between the right and left eyes in terms of IOP and TS (p>0.05). While mean TS value was significantly increased in the winter group (12.23±0.28 mm/min) compared with the spring (9.9±0.18 mm/min) and summer (9.14±0.19 mm/min) groups (p<0.001), mean IOP was significantly decreased in the winter group (14.05±0.28 mmHg) compared with the spring (17.64±0.36 mmHg) and summer (17.32±0.43 mmHg) groups (p<0.001). While mean TS value was significantly increased at noon (10.08±0.28 mm/min) compared with morning (10.99±0.24 mm/min) (p<0.001), mean IOP was significantly decreased in the morning (14.95±0.31 mmHg) compared to the afternoon (17.63±0.35 mmHg) and evening (16.54±0.42 mmHg) (p<0.001). In conclusion, TS and IOP values in Saanen goats are affected by different times of the day and season, and it will contribute to the literature by determining the values that can be taken as reference for these different daytime and seasonal profile of the IOP and TS in Saanen Goat.


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