Investigation of Lipid Mobilization and Oxidative Stress Parameters in The Serum Before and After Surgery of Cows with Left Displacement Abomasum

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  • Nurcanan Aslan
  • Kürşat Yiğitarslan
  • Tülay Büyükoğlu


Dairy cow, displacement abomasum, lipid mobilization, oxidative stress


Left Abomasum Displacement (LDA) is one of the most important metabolic diseases caused by negative energy balance during the early lactation period for high milk efficient cows. This study aimed to investigate the lipid mobilization and oxidative stress parameters in cows with LDA before and after the operation. In this research, cows with LDA (n=16) were divided into three groups that are before operation (pre-op LDA), immediately after the operation (post-op LDA), and on the 10th day after the operation (post-op 10 LDA). Control groups were formed from early lactation cows (n=8) and dry period (n=8). In serum samples collected from the study groups, total cholesterol, HDL and LDL cholesterol, triacylglycerol, free fatty acid (FFA), β-hydroxybutyric acid (BHBA), malondialdehyde (MDA) levels, and AST, GGT activities were determined spectrophotometrically, total antioxidant level (TAS), total oxidant level (TOS) and paraoxonase 1/arylesterase (PON1/ARES)] enzyme activity was measured according to the procedure of the colorimetric kit. Serum TOS and MDA levels increased in cattle with pre-op LDA compared to control groups, and MDA levels decreased to normal levels in both groups after the operation. TAS levels and PON1/ARES activities decreased in cattle with pre-op LDA compared to control groups and increased gradually in post-op groups. Serum total cholesterol, HDL, and LDL cholesterol levels decreased in cattle with pre-op LDA compared to the control groups and did not return to normal levels in the groups with post-op LDA. While BHBA levels and AST activities increased in cattle with pre-op LDA compared to control groups, they reached normal values in cattle with LDA on the post-op 10th day. It has been concluded that in evaluating the diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of the disease in dairy cows with LDA, oxidative stress parameters such as TAS, TOS, and PON1/ARES may be used together with lipid parameters.


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