Evaluation of Rumination Behavior in Cows Before and After Surgical Correction of Left Displaced Abomasum

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  • Büşra Kibar Kurt
  • Murat Sarıerler


Abomasopexy, cattle, dairy cows, displaced abomasum


The aim of this study was to investigate the rumination behavior of cattle in the diagnosis of left displaced abomasum (LDA) and in the surgical correction process. In 6 cows diagnosed with LDA, surgical abomasopexy was performed via left-flank laparotomy. The cow monitoring system attached to the neck of each animal was used to monitor the rumination times. Rumination data were evaluated over a 35-day period covering the healthy period, diagnosis and treatment of LDA. In the healthy period (control group), the mean rumination time of the animals was determined as 508.74±8.52 mins. In the preoperative period, the mean rumination time was determined as 335.57±16.29 mins (-14 and -8 days) and 234.48±13.83 mins (-7 and -1 days) and a statistically significant decrease was determined compared to the healthy period (p<0.001). In the first postoperative week, the rumination time showed a significant increase (393.57±26.9 mins) and in the second postoperative week, the results were similar to those of the healthy period (501.21±17.29 mins). This is the long-term study to have evaluated the change in preoperative and postoperative (35-day period) rumination in cattle diagnosed with LDA. The results demonstrate that rumination behavior is an important marker in the early diagnosis and follow-up of the postoperative prognosis of diseases causing economic loss, such as abomasum displacement.


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