Treatment of Orthopedic Problems with Epoxy-Pin External Fixator in Cats and Dogs

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  • Büşra Kibar Kurt
  • Zeynep Bilgen Sen


Epoxy fixator, femur, tibia, radius, ulna


The aim of this study was to present 6 dogs and 2 cats treated with handmade external fixator. The animals included in the study had 3 cases of non-union, 1 case of luxation, and 4 cases of fracture. All the cases were successfully treated with a handmade external fixator which was made from an endotracheal tube and epoxy. There were no complications developed except for light leakage in the pin site in one case. All of the animals had started to use their extremities in the early postoperative period, except for one case. As the fixator provided the opportunity for weight-bearing, increasing stability in the fracture line in the early postoperative period, this provided some beneficial effects on healing. The external fixator made using an endotracheal tube and epoxy can be selected as an inexpensive treatment method for cats and dogs.


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