Determination of Tear Volume and Intraocular Pressure in Saanen Goat and Sakiz Sheep in Similar Environmental Conditions

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Goat, intraocular pressure, Saanen, Sakiz sheep, Schirmer tear test


The aim of this study is to identify physiological reference values for Schirmer tear test (STT) and intraocular pressure (IOP) results, in healthy sheep and goats. The study included 56 adult Sakiz sheep and 38 Saanen goats with no ocular disease. Tear volume was measured by a sterile STT strip. IOP was measured with Tono-Vet. IOP and STT readings were carried out in July, at 12.30-14.30 hrs. Measurements were write down in similar conditions in sheep and goats (at 41.8°C-30% humidity and 40.5°C and 32% humidity, respectively). No statistically significant difference was determined between the mean IOP and STT values of the left eye and the right eye in the statistical analysis of goats and sheep (P>0.05). The mean STT values were 10.6±3.03 mm/min in Saanen goats and 11.8±3.35 mm/min in Sakiz sheep. The mean IOP values were 16.5±5.46 mmHg and 17.7±4.57 mmHg for Saanen goats and Sakiz sheep, respectively. A statistically significant difference was determined in the STT (P<0.05) and IOP (P<0.01) values between goats and sheep. In the literature review for reference IOP and STT levels, there is no report for Sakız sheep. Reference values of STT and IOP in summer conditions in Saanen goats and Sakiz sheep were revealed and provide more information for experimental and clinical studies.


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