The Independent Spirit of Turkey: Wild Horse

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  • Özlem HACAN
  • Serdar KOÇAK
  • Zehra BOZKURT
  • Metin ERDOĞAN
  • Mustafa TEKERLİ


Horse, Wild horse, Wildlife


In the past, horses were used for pulling and riding at agriculture and transportation services. As a result of the increase in mechanization they
have lost their own importance in these areas, and then they were released into the nature by owners. These wild horses named Yılkı were
spending the winter in nature during their first years and then were captured in the spring for using in farm activities. Due to they have not
been used for this purpose today, the Yılkı population increased. Today, wild horses are living in mainly Karaman (Karadağ), Kayseri (Erciyes
Mountain), Manisa (Spil and Yunt Mountains), Afyon (Akdağ, Kumalar Mountain, Emirdede Plateau), Samsun (Kızılırmak Basin), Izmir
(Gediz Basin), Antalya (Eynif Plain and Beydağlar) provinces, Kaz Mountains and in different regions of Turkey in groups of 15-20 heads.
By adapting to wildlife and increasing their number, these wild horses began to pose a threat to other wild animals and agricultural land in the
region due to the food shortage during the heavy winter months. Due to this reason, the studies are being carried out for recording wild horses,
making their care and treatments, and reducing the number of horses to the level of capacity of living area. This paper has focused on wild
horses, their regions and some methods used to be kept their numbers under the control.




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HACAN, Özlem, KOÇAK, S., ÇELİKELOĞLU, K., BOZKURT, Z., ERDOĞAN, M., & TEKERLİ, M. (2019). The Independent Spirit of Turkey: Wild Horse. International Journal of Veterinary and Animal Research (IJVAR), 1(1), 20–22. Retrieved from



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