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1. Phenolic Compounds for Drug Discovery: Potent Candidates for Anti-cancer, Anti-diabetes, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-microbialry

Elisha Apatewen Akanbong, Ali Senol, Alparslan Kadir Devrim


2. Determination of Tear Volume and Intraocular Pressure in Saanen Goat And Sakiz Sheep in Similar Environmental Conditions

Busra Kibar Kurt, Osman Bulut, Zeynep Bozkan, Zeynep Bilgen Sen, Ali Belge

3. Direct Detection of Cryptosporidium spp. In Cattle In Karbala Province and its environs, Iraq

Firas Alali, Marwa Jawad, Kadhim kh.k.Al-khayat


4. Inter- and cross-sucking in Simmental and Holstein-Friesian calves with special interpretation of farm and gender basis

Deniz Alıç Ural, Kerem Ural, Hasan Erdogan, Mehmet Gültekin


5. Alterations in gut integrity due to heat stress among dairy cattle of Aydin City: analytical interpretation of zonulin levels within repetitive measurements

Deniz Alic Ural, Kerem Ural, Hasan Erdogan, Songul Erdogan